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Mehran Khaghani

Comedian featured on NBC'S Last Comic Standing and a regular at the Comedy Cellar
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KATG 2942: The Good Fight w/ Mehran Khaghani

The dating scene then and now; Keith takes poppers; Keith & Mehran; token gay friends; Mehran's drinking and nose surgery; self-sabotage; 2018 Emmy Awards; feminism throughout history; Julie Chen Moonves; celebrating BlacKkKlansman September 20, 2018

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Show Notes

  • — Tumultuous Times: We have Mehran Khaghani in studio during Hurricane Florence to give us an update on his health
  • — The Wagon: Mehran discusses his drinking habits and whether or not they're problematic
  • — Viral Load: Mehran compares the dating scene now to when he was younger
  • — No Cyanide Poisoning For Keith: Keith recently inhaled poppers
  • — Sweep In Like A Vampire: Mehran discusses his desires to hook up with Keith
  • — Tokenism: People often try and make Mehran their “gay friend as if he were a clothing accessory
  • — Take A Punch: Mehran recounts the incident that lead to him breaking his nose and the subsequent surgery
  • — Burn It To The Ground: The gang discusses the various impulses and desires to wreck their own lives
  • — Emmy Roundup: Keith lists the winners of the 2018 Emmy Awards, and the gang discusses the show and the included wedding proposal
  • — Women Had Voices: Mehran discusses the previous historical periods of feminism and his problem with current feminist rhetoric
  • — Julie Chen Moonves: Big Brother host Julie Chen has made the decision to publicly stand by her husband, accused sexual assaulter Les Moonves
  • — Brutal: Keith and Mehran discuss their love for the movie BlacKkKlansman


Mehran ready for the weather
Mehran ready for the weather
Staying dry and fabulous
Staying dry and fabulous

Director Glenn Weiss proposing to Jan Svendsen at the Emmys
Director Glenn Weiss proposing to Jan Svendsen at the Emmys
Les Moonves and his wife Julie Chen
Les Moonves and his wife Julie Chen

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