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3219: Just Married w/ Casey James Salengo and Courtney Maginnis

Casey and Courtney’s marriage and jealousy; stepping up and quitting smoking; Keith’s housekeeper is a tattletale; early KATGuh results; The Beaver Boyz presents Diamond Dogs; NFL Conference Playoffs and vegetarianism January 19, 2020

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Casey James Salengo and Courtney Maginnis
Casey James Salengo and Courtney Maginnis
The newlyweds
The newlyweds
The Beaver Boyz presents Diamond Dogs
The Beaver Boyz presents Diamond Dogs

3218: 12th Annual KATGuh Awards

The 2019 KATGuh Award Nominations January 17, 2020

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Show Notes

  • — Most Ridiculous Moment: JC Best - The N word during sex; Calvin Cato - Calvin fails at celibacy; Andrea Allan - The Burger King story in Keith’s Father’s book; Calvin Cato - Chemda gets cards; Chemda - Chemda and Xerxes will be poly; Keith - Elisabeth Hasselbeck doesn’t swear; John F. O'Donnell - JFOD reveals Goofy Grapes; Andrea Allan - Andrea tries to get Keith to feel
  • — Best Fight: Tracey Carnazzo - The birthday burger; Andrew Casertano - Andrea fires Chemda; Billy Procida - Billy loses his prostitution gig; Billy Procida - Billy’s sex game
  • — Most Shocking: Ashley Brooke Roberts - Nice scarf; Chemda - Chemda’s wet spot; Troy Alan - Troy’s pedophile dad; Chris Distefano - Chris gets face fucked; Mara Marek - Mara gets cheated on; Bianca Brady - Bianca’s cancer announcement; Carmen Lynch - Keith vs. Rite Aid; JC Best - JC defends his mom’s rapist
  • — Best Rant: Justin Smith - Don’t reply maybe; Bianca Brady - We are all proud of Keith; Keith - Foreign action film actors dying for real; Bianca Brady - Lorne Michaels melt down
  • — Goofiest Moment: Tracey Carnazzo - Chemda’s dirty mouth; Joe Pontillo - Keith’s dad wants his kid to kill him; Andrea Allan - Andrea fucks snakes; Keith - Barbara Walters tells everybody, including herself, to calm down; Chelsea White - The Hustlers discussion; Myq Kaplan - The text reveal; Andrea Allan - Chemda’s cold cuts tricks; Jesse Joyce - The fake orgasm symphony
  • — Best Impression: Keith - Sebastian Maniscalco; Chris Hauselt - Chris as Stephen Murphy; Bianca Brady; Bianca as David Attenborough
  • — Best Drunk: Casey James Salengo and Courtney Maginnis - 2 days sober; Chelsea White - Chelsea’s drunk tattoos; Ali Clayton and Melody Kamali - Ali’s rock bottom
  • — Best Original Song: B. Jason Ouellette - Cat’s in my email; Dylan Adler - Hamilton vs. Michael Bublé and 1,000 Chodes; B. Jason Ouellette - The jingling libido song; Bianca Brady - Bianca’s outro song; Keith - Keith’s version of Cats In The Cradle
  • — Best Ad Read: Casey James Salengo - Sleep Number; Sam Evans & Carmen Lagala - Rothy’s Shoe; Andrea Allan - Best Fiends; Dan Hartley - Quip
  • — Best New Guest: Will Winner, Patrick Schroeder, Joe DeVito, Wil Cope, Dylan Adler, JC Best, Rachel McCartney, Hannah Berner, Shuli Egar, Tristan Miller


Kyle OcasioKyle Ocasio

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