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3477: Doubt It

The hilarious Hannah Boone joins Keith and Chemda to celebrate the Aumaud Arbery verdict, discuss Aaron Rodgers’ Covid Toe, and the new series Dopesick. They discuss Tucker Carlson’s “documentary” Patriot Purge, Kid Rock’s “song” Don’t Tell Me How to Live, and Louis C.K.’s 2021 Grammy nomination. In personal news, we learn about Hannah Boone’s after-relapse relationships, literally not being able to cry, and social media. HAPPY THANKSGIVING! November 24, 2021

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Show Notes

  • — Sleeping to fan/white noise
  • — The Ahmaud Arbery verdict
  • — Anti-vaxxer Aaron Rodgers has Covid Toe
  • — Keith reviews Dopesick
  • — Friends: liars, tricksters
  • — Fox News and Tucker Carlson’s Patriot Purge
  • — Kid Rock’s Don’t Tell Me How to Live
  • — Louis C.K.’s 2021 Grammy nomination
  • — Literally not being able to cry
  • — The latest on Hannah Boone: her boyfriend, family, friends, social media, and moving on


Hannah BooneHannah Boone

3476: Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid

The duo is back and ready to celebrate Thanksgiving Day AND Native American Heritage Day. What a rollercoaster! They also discuss listener hate mail from grown adults, Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense attorney saying that Fox News is too much, the Kool-Aid They, the Proud Boys, and an SUV deliberately driving into a Wisconsin Christmas parade. KATG discusses ex-footballer Zac Stacy being freed on bond after he brutally beat his wife on camera, and Keith is excited about Spider-Man: No Way Home. Chemda could give a fuck. November 22, 2021

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Mary Jo Pehl
Mary Jo Pehl
Wife-beater Zac Stacy
Wife-beater Zac Stacy

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