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3606: Fifty-Fifty w/ Myq Kaplan

Comedy thriving yet Silent Trailers losing Myq Kaplan gets us all geared up for the Adventure of Thanksgiving. The gang also discusses the myth of octopuses, The 2022 Dancing with the Stars finale, and Andy Dick being sentenced to 90 days in jail and registering as a sex offender. Thank you for listening with the utmost of appreciation. November 23, 2022

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Show Notes

  • — Reminiscing over Myq’s recent Silent Trailers Debacle/Fiasco
  • — How vegans pretend to enjoy Thanksgiving
  • — Keith vs. Octopuses
  • — The 2022 Dancing with the Stars finale
  • — Andy Dick sentenced to 90 days in jail and register as a sex offender
  • — 25-year-old man brandishes a gun in front of two women for not thanking him for opening the door


Myq KaplanMyq Kaplan

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