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Liz Barrett

Comedian featured on Sirius XM and Gotham Comedy Live.
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Flavor 77: Gettin' By Episode 3

Liz Barrett dedicates this episode to people who put on pants and those who have not. Today comic Chrissie Mayr (Comedy at Stonewall, Laughs on Fox) is the guest, and she discusses how she coped with her mother’s death thanks to alcohol, drugs, and sleep. Liz talks about her strong feelings on salad and how businesses are killing off chopped salads. Also: Zucchini noodles – they aren’t noodles but they’ll do. Wiki How: That Sounds Like A Lot of Work – Liz and Chrissie take 16 steps to taking a bath down to 2 steps November 16, 2018


Liz BarrettLiz Barrett
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